You can see my reflection in her eye.

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@Networkbash Excite: An example of the the One #Clemson Family

Tonight at the Clemson Alumni Center 65 students and 8 passionate Clemson alumni participated in a speed networking session. Table topics consisted of the job search and post- graduation advice.

Alumni felt that networking was even more important in a down economy. They also felt that sincerity was extremely important. Alumni Sandy Edge encouraged students to be themselves and not what they thought companies wanted to see. Wil Brasington, a 2000 alum, encouraged students to find the person who is doing the actual hiring for a company and contact him/her directly. Students asked about how they could start networking as freshman. Some ideas were to join student organizations and get to know more about classmates in their group projects.  

This event was organized, executed, and marketed by students in Bobby Rettew’s business writing class. The students did a great job of making this event a huge success. Sponsors of the event include the Clemson Alumni Center, the Client Based Program, the Michelin Career Center, and the Spiro Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Networkbash Excite is testament to the One Clemson Family. Having alumni volunteer their time to help current students is amazing!


Haha… That’s my car! 


“You may see a new Tiger prowling the streets of Clemson, and it has four wheels and a growling engine. The car belongs to two very spirited students — Amanda Noranzyk, a senior studying mechanical engineering, and David Bonnie, a graduate student working toward his Ph.D. in computer engineering.

The couple took the car out for a spin on a recent road trip to Charleston and was greeted by fans on the highway with honks, excited waves and enthusiastic cheers.

Driving through Columbia, however, the two said they could almost feel the smirks of the Gamecock fans, but the Tigermobile trucked on with pride — its orange tail waving in the wind.”

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Networkbash Ignite: What do people think when they hear your name?

I think this is a great question for everyone. What do people think about when they hear “Ashley?” Most of us would hope words like, dependable, honest, passionate, and creative, would be words people associate with us. 

On Thursday, September 15, 2011, 165 Clemson Students attended Networkbash Ignite. Kevin Purcer, Director of Interactive Services of Erwin-Penland, talked to the students about the power of building their personal brand.

Kevin defined personal branding as what people think about when they hear your name. He stressed to students that they have the power to start creating their personal brand now. Social media sites, Linkedin, twitter, and tumblr, were some of the tools he suggested students start using to establish their brand. One of the points that resonated with students was, “a resume is black and white, what does it really tell a company about you.” Using social media to tell your story helps a company see who you really are.

Kevin’s keys to a strong personal brand:

  • Stands for something
  • Has identity
  • Is authentic
  • Influenced by passions

My Reflection:
Even though this message was directed at students, I found myself reflecting on my own personal brand, and how lucky I am that it encompasses some of my passions. I love working with students, and I love working for the community. That is why I teach using client projects.  I get up every day and get to do something I truly love! I get to work with students and allow them the opportunity to give back to their community. How cool is that?

Of course, I don’t love every minute of every day, but I LOVE my job. How many people get to say that? I am one of the lucky ones. Some days I think someone will tap me on the shoulder and say, “just kidding, you don’t get to have this much fun at work.” Until that day, I am going to continue having fun and continue selling my brand.  

Business Writing: Athletic Department Client Project

My business writing class is working with Clemson University’s Athletic department.  The class met in the Iptay office on Thursday, September 8th and listened to a presentation from Jeff Kallin, Mike Money, Brad Lewis, and Intern: Jordan.

The Athletic Department outlined two needs: long-range social media plan and increasing student attendance at athletic events.

Today my class broke up into two teams:
Attendance- They will write surveys, perform interviews, and lead focus groups. They will use the data to write a recommendation report discussing why student attendance is lower and how it can be improved.

Social Media- This team will research other ACC and SEC athletic departments and how they use social media. The team will develop short and long-term social media plans.

AlignSC: Honor’s Technical Writing Client Project

My Honors Technical Writing class’s client is the Anderson Area Business and Education Alliance (alignsc). AlignSc’s mission is to champion and sustain a collaborative partnership of business, education and community resources to support student success and workforce development, enhancing the economic climate of our community.

Board members, Sylvia Woodall, Linda Gallicchio, and Rick Murphy attended class on Friday, September 9th to talk with students about the organization’s needs.

On Monday the students discussed the potential projects, and they decided the ones they wanted to tackle.

The 4 project teams include:

  • Programs and Develop self-assessment and measurement tools
  • Fundraising Plan- Include campaign, grants to go after, etc
  • Development Plan for adding / attracting new board members, intranet, new board member orientation, and Application, duties and responsibilities
  • Marketing and Communications Plan (web/social media)- Work on website and social media

The group’s first task is to write a proposal outlining their group’s individual problems and solutions.

Networkbash: 8:00am Technical Writing semester client project

My 8:00 technical writing class started their client project last week. They will be working with Networkbash NetworkBash events bring students and industry together to engage, connect, and build career relationships. The event is planned and executed by students as a part of a university curriculum. University/College Instructors build and implement curriculum within relevant department classes to plan, market, and execute NetworkBash events. This class will be working with Bobby Rettew’s business writing class to execute all three events.

The class divided into 4 teams:

  • PR- semester video, writing and delivering pitches, class progress updates, speaking at events
  • Marketing- marketing all three events, but focusing on Networkbash Engage
  • Logistics- write procedures, rules/regulations, and determine logistics for Networkbash Engage, review all applications
  • Survey- create, distribute, and analyze surveys for all three events

Since their first meeting, groups have established roles and responsibilities and are working on their proposals.

Students showcase their client projects

Today Clemson University’s Advanced Writing Program held the Client-Based Showcase. The Showcase is an event where business and technical writing classes, who have worked with clients during the semester, get to show off their work. The event is set-up like a Science Fair, and people can walk through and talk to the students about their projects.

Over 300 students created videos, instructions, educational material, marketing material, websites, and reports.

Clients this semester included:

  • Anderson Free Clinic
  • Shorewood Packaging
  • Soapstone Preservation/Interpretation
  • University Housing
  • Environmental Health and Safety Office
  • MATF lab
  • Anderson County Library
  • Science as Art
  • Michelin Career Center
  • Anderson Adult Education Center

The attendance was great and the room was full of excited students and clients. This program has given many students the ability to build their resume and actually work with an actual client.

Science as Art Event was a huge success

On Wednesday, March 30th Science as Art was held in the Hendrix Center at Clemson University. The yearly event showcases research and science in an artistic format. My 11:15 technical writing class worked with Lisa Benson and her team to execute the event. When my students heard this was their semester service-learning project, they were excited. They were really motivated to make this event a success. My students wrote proposals, edited technical descriptions, marketed event, determined logistics, and worked event.

Location was one of the changes my students wanted to make. In previous years the event had been held in a remote location off-campus. This location made it difficult for students to attend. This year, my students wanted to hold it on-campus in the Hendrix Center, the place that has tons of foot traffic. This move was a fantastic suggestion because there was more energy and more attendees than the previous events.

The other change was to create a People’s Choice award. My students felt that attendees should be able to vote for their favorite art. This award was so successful that we ran out of ballots! This new award allowed everyone to participate in the event.

Location and audience participation were the two biggest lessons we learned from this event. The central location made is easy for parking and for students to just walk to. I guess the real estate adage, “location, location, location” applies to University events as well. I teach my students that communication has to be tailored to their audience. Your audience should drive every decision about your communication. Students got to see how audience analysis applies to events as well as workplace communication.  

What is your dream job?

If you could have any job in the world, no strings attached, what would that be? Many times our dream jobs are not obtainable, but you can learn a lot about yourself if you explore the reasons behind your dream job. I mean my dream job when I was growing up was to be the first female quarterback in the NFL. I can throw a mean spiral, just not very far. I am too small and knew this would not be a practical pursuit for me. I had to get a new dream.

My students seem to give up their dream jobs too quickly. 


I have so many engineering students who LOVE sports. I then ask them, “why you are majoring in engineering?” They respond, “because I can make lots of money.” That is all well and good, but if you hate what you are doing, will the money be worth it? I also ask them if they could combine their love of sports with engineering. For example, could they work for a motor sports’ team, develop a new type of baseball bat, or design new features of a stadium.


Look for places where you can combine your true passions with what is realistic for you. Sometimes it maybe a stretch, but if you think hard enough, you can.


For example, I have a passion for nonprofit work; however, I am a teacher. I make sure all of my classes have a service-learning component where they work with local nonprofits. There are always ways to combine your passion with your field (if they aren’t one in the same)—you may just have to look really hard.


Don’t be so quick to give up those dream jobs.